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   "GET TO"


Sometimes, you just need the thinking taken out of putting together a solid workout.
Take a peek into my personal workout Journal uploaded each sunday!
[Be sure to read all faq Below.]

- Evan

  • WE GET TO?
    Let me explain exactly what the name behind these workouts mean. I think too many people (myself included sometimes) look at working out like a chore. We view it as an act we have to suffer through. While that's partially true, because it isn't always rainbows and sunshine, we should view the act of moving and challenging our bodies as something WE GET TO do, not something we are forced to do. There are many people in this world that simply can't be active. It's a blessing that WE GET TO complain about going to workout. When you adopt the mentality of WE GET TO do this, you'll be surprised how that negative mindset can be forced in the opposite direction when walking through your gym doors. ​ I'm so excited about this members only page. Not only will I think you guys benefit from executing these workouts with me, but I feel like it's really going to keep me accountable with my own workouts, and make me work even harder! ​ If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw I'm on the comeback train. I took 5 months off from the gym, lost a bunch of strength, but now I'm ready to get back into it, and I'm happy to have you join me! ​
    You can expect 4 workouts uploaded to the members only page every Sunday by 10pm. These handwritten workouts will be the exact reps/sets that I performed the week before. (If for some reason I only hit 2-3 workouts that week, I will still provide the workouts I would have done.) I will be scanning the page of my notebook (or ipad) that I carry in the gym, and upload it in jpeg format so you can save to your photos in your camera roll to follow along with. I believe there's power in writing out your plan of attack before a workout. With these workouts, I am taking out the "what now?" when you walk into the gym. ​​​​​​My hope is that you can use my workouts as your own, write them out in your own notebook, and we can crush the week together.
    Not even a little bit. When you want to be out, you can cancel the subscription, no questions asked, and you won't be charged the $6 for the following month.
    For now, The GET TO Weekly Workouts will be performed in a gym, therefore the uploaded workouts will involve gym equipment. Although most exercises could be substituted for other equipment, it would be best to have a gym membership to really get the most out of these workouts.
    Few things here... 1- Please note, this is not a 1 on 1 coaching program. 2- I, Evan Childs, am not responsible for any injury you may experience doing these workouts. As always, you should consult with a medical doctor about what routines are best for you. These workouts are not meant for minors, and are intended for adults. 3- Because this is a digital product, there are no refunds once your monthly payment has gone through. If you would like to cancel your subscription at any point to cease future monthly payments, you can do so through your account after you have logged in.


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