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Why Did I Create It?

I’m convinced there are not enough ALPHA FEMALES in today’s world. The numbers are growing, and I'm sure trying my best to coach as many as I can, but I want more. I want to see women exuding with self confidence, making leaps and bounds within her personal life, her professional life, and her spiritual life. 

It all starts with a mindset.

We develop the mindset overtime. First, we start to FEEL good about who we are, and become confident in what we get to present to the world through our bodies. We'll take care of this through the weight room, and through our food choices.

We sharpen the mindset with a nitty gritty work ethic and a nothing can stop me attitude.

We keep the mindset through constant perseverance and habits that we continue to build. 

What Will You Learn?

This program comes equipped with a 12 week training program (broken down into 4 different phases) created by me.. and all the macro direction and advice you need.


I will be teaching you everything I know essentially. The goal, after the 12 weeks are over, is that you’ll be able to do everything for yourself, never having to hire another coach, and hopefully you'll be able to help some others after you "graduate." Think of this as a classroom atmosphere: You learn, you execute, and you move forward with a 12 week education in fitness and macro planning along with some killer results if you commit to the work.🙂 The program will include functional training, strength training, cardio training, you name it, its got it.


It will come with a suggested weekly grocery list of my favorite things along with my own supplementation advice. I will be your coach, at your disposal 24/7 for 12 full weeks. You will receive not only my email, but also my phone number so that you can communicate with me the entire time. Along the way, you won’t just be getting advice on what to do in the gym, but how to be an alpha outside of it as well. You’ll receive emails throughout the program about what it means to be an alpha, how to be a leader, how to exude self confidence, how to stay motivated, etc. A love/hate relationship with me will be in full swing for 12 weeks.

What do I need to be able to start?

– You MUST have a gym membership. (FULL gym. No apartment gyms or small home gyms)


– You must be willing to put work in (macro learning, exercise learning, etc).


– You have to be 18 years or older. This is just to avoid any complications.


Do you coach women outside  of the US?

Yes! I do. I've had alphas in over 14 countries now. All of the training is via email, text, and phone. 

How do you choose who will be in the class?

The application process allows me to see a little bit more about the girl's applying. I read through the applications, and decide to the best of my ability who I think should be apart of the next class. It has nothing to do with your current weight, or experience. It's all about who I think is ready. Spots fill up very quickly. The quicker you turn in an application, the better your chances.


How much is it?


This is a one time payment. There are no payment plans for this program.

Why do you limit how many girls you have in each class?

There's only one me, or I would take everyone who applies! I take as many as I can handle while still giving each girl the time they need. I promise to never take more than I can handle on my own. (The number of girls taken is different every class due to my schedule.)

If I'm not selected, will I be notified?

All of those selected and NOT selected will be notified. This also does NOT mean you will not have another opportunity to apply.

Will you be telling me exactly what to eat?

I don’t know your taste buds. I don’t know your cravings. Therefore, I believe that a macro balanced plan where you get to choose the foods that YOU like is most sustainable, and the best way to achieve your goals. If you have any allergies, or sensitivities, you will be able to stay away from those foods.

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