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I'm Evan. A 29 year old entrepreneur who was an athlete her whole life and have always had a passion for serving and leading women who are searching to be the better version of themselves. I don't compete, I don't do crossfit, and I don't use crazy methods or fad diets to get people into their goal body. I teach what works for to every client I've had, which is practical dieting and weight training. All this while coaching you on how to be a better human and a female badass. I was a personal trainer for 2 years, which eventually led me into online coaching. 5 years later, here I am, 20 Alpha Female Classes later, and haven't looked back since..

Oh, I also own an apparel company called Alpha Forward and a non profit called Eat Last Co. You can check more on those below.


My Macro Friendly Meals

My Macro Friendly Meals


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